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Post by GoldenBeauty » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:23 am

These past few months I've been looking into wolfdogs. Wolfdogs are one of the most confused creatures out there. They're neither wolf or dog. They're both. Unfortunately, since they're both, ownership can be challenging.

For one thing, wolfdogs can't be eligible for vaccines, at least from a regular veterinarian. This is because vaccines have never been clinically studied in wolfdogs (and wolves), even though wolfdogs most likely benefit from the vaccine (based on basic biology). This means if your wolfdog happens to bite someone and they report it, your wolfdog could potentially end up being destroyed to check for rabies in the brain.
Secondly, wolfdog ownership is not organized. Some states completely ban the ownership of these animals. Others must require a permit. And some allow the ownership of wolfdogs without a permit but it does vary by county and/or city.
Thirdly, wolfdogs are not dogs! Most people who buy wolfdogs expect them to have the best of both worlds when that is far from the truth. Wolfdogs require careful socialization and large enclosures. Their behavior is vastly different than dogs' and their natural behavior may come off as intimidating to some. Depending on the content, some wolfdogs have what's known as "Winter Wolf Syndrome" or WWS for short. WWS occurs in the winter months during wolf breeding season. The higher content wolfdogs who experience this may be aggressive and challenge you ('braver' to do things they would have never done before WWS). WWS presents itself usually by the time the wolfdog is 2 years old..
Most people never expect this and wonder why their once lovable pup is terrorizing them. Thousands of wolfdogs are euthanized by their first birthday because of this.

Despite this, an owner who takes his or her time to understand a wolfdog's needs will undoubtably live in harmony with a beautiful animal. Sooo.. despite all of what I just said, I would love to have a wolfdog :| . I know with enough dedication anybody can live with a wolfdog.

TL;DR: Wolfdogs, not for the faint of heart.

Ahh, this turned more into an essay than into actual conversation looking back at it now.. but what do you guys think about wolfdogs? Would you like to own one someday? Disagree with ownership? Or somewhere in the middle? Do you have any stories about your experiences with wolfdogs?


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Re: Wolfdogs

Post by Koa » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:06 pm

Hi there,

We already have a thread for wolfdog discussion.
https://wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php? ... s#p2545096

Topic locked.


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