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Short-eared dog

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:46 pm
by GoldenBeauty
I bet most of you have never heard of the "Short-eared dog" or "short-eared Zorro". Well, I discovered this amazing canine a few days ago and I am intrigued. It's so underrated, and scientists hardly know much about it. Discovered in the 1880's, the Short-eared dog preys on fish, small mammals, birds, crabs, frogs, and reptiles. They also eat fruits and insects. Short-eared dogs live in the northern part of South America and live in the dense rainforests. There's estimated to be 15,000 specimens left, which isn't bad, but their population has been decreasing.

edit bc i linked a picture of a fossa which is not a canine lol