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Re: Celebrating WQ 2.7

Post by TimberRaven » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:28 am

XxDestinyHeartxX wrote:
ForeverEverest wrote:
Bushmeat wrote:I wonder if anyone else on the forums would be interested in making a collaborative effort out of elk spelling.
I'd be up for it. I've made an elk pile before, and I'm quite familiar with herding elk, so I don't think I'd cause any problems.
I’d be up to help! I made huge elk piles with friends in MP, you can message me in the game at DestinyHeart. This’ll be fuunnnn!!!!
Yeah, this sounds really cool too! My in-game username is WolfGirlHowl, and I love making elk piles! :P
I made Bertrand smile! GET OUT THE CAKEEE

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