Wolves Have Been Delisted Today

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Are you happy that grey wolves have been delisted?

I don't know enough about it to be sure...
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Re: Wolves Have Been Delisted Today

Post by Lupen » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:10 pm

not sure i fight so much and i change sides so much i really dont know any more
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Re: Wolves Have Been Delisted Today

Post by WildKid81 » Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:14 pm

SilverStorm97 wrote:"We want to reduce the population of wolves to increase the population of elk and deer."
pasta. By killing wolves, they will DESTROY the population of elk and deer.
And if they don't I sure don't want to hit a deer every other mile or have a stare down with a buck in my lawn.
Ok, by killing wolves, there will be less things to remove...Older Elk/Deer
There will be too many mouths to feed, causing deer to forage in other areas because of lack of food. They will be forced to move to highways, farms and ranches, gardens and even lawns in search of food.
By killing wolves...There will be more diseases going around herds, killing them off.
Why? When a elk gets sick a wolf will get rid of it, keeping the herd healthy. Without that sick animal removed, the other elk/deer will get sick, killing them off.
By killing wolves...The weak are left to flourish.
What happens-weak and injured are not removed from the herd, which the wolf would of taken care of. It breeds and the it's children are weaker. Then there will be feeble elk, that cannot survive long.
By killing wolves'(I'm not sure if this is true, but it could be a possible)...Small animals such as mice, rabbits, hares, rats, voles other small animals. Without wolves keeping them balenced, the population will grow, and all those tiny mouths will need feeding. They will eat the elk and deer out of house and home, causing the deer/elk to starve and/or be forced to move closer to civilation.
That is a lecture from a ten year old, don't murder me for my spelling :( :| :) :D :lol:
You have an important point. You may be 10, but you know more about wolves than many adults do (by the way I'm not much older than you)!!! It's good to know that there are kids on earth that might be the future for wolves!

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Re: Wolves Have Been Delisted Today

Post by Kieva » Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:14 pm

IWC InfoServices wrote:Hi all,

I have a great article regarding delisting to clarify any misconceptions or misinformation out there for you. It is located on the International Wolf Center's website in the News section. Here is the link:

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It was written just before delisting but, has some great info about what delisting means for wolves. It also helps explain what the endangered species list is supposed to do, not what people think it should do.

There is going to be a lot of media coverage about delisting of the Northern Rockies wolves and a lot of it will sound very "dooms day" for wolves. Just remember that there is always two sides to every story.
WAIT The Park wolf THING ISNT HELPING AT ALL or am i wrong :x
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