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What should I do if a moderator locks/trashes my post/topic?

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:57 pm
by WQ Coordinator
1) Stay calm. You sending an angry message to a moderator or administrator demanding to know why your topic was changed or deleted will not bring your post back, and may result in a warning or ban.
2) Do not re-create the post/topic that was just locked/trashed. Moderators should have a reason for locking a topic (and will typically explain that at the bottom of a locked topic), so if you just make the same topic again, it will probably just be locked/trashed again, and is basically considered to be SPAM. If you honestly don’t understand why your topic was locked/trashed, ask! Remember to stay calm and positive, and you should be returned with a serious explanation as to why your post/topic was locked/trashed.
3) If you disagree with the reason why the moderator locked/trashed your post/topic, you can private message a moderator and calmly explain your situation and your detailed reason as to why you think your topic belongs in the forums and follows the forum guidelines. If you make a good case and stay calm and positive, there is a chance your topic will be unlocked or he/she will allow you to re-create your topic with his/her permission. If they still disagree and think your topic should remain locked/trashed, then it probably should. You may want to review the forum guidelines so you can understand why your topic wasn’t suitable for the WolfQuest Forums and so your future posts/topics can be posted with no problems!