Wolfquest Aspect Ratio on Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Wolfquest Aspect Ratio on Samsung Galaxy S10+

Post by PackLeaderShadow » Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:40 am

Hello!, Hopefully this is the right place for this, basically the "issue" I'm having is I'm running Wolfquest on my Galaxy S10+ and while the game looks beautiful & is as smooth as butter, unfortunately the games aspect ratio leaves a lot of the screen out, I imagine this is because of the camera cutout which I understand but other games give you the option to just play with the cutout present in the corner, I've attached some screenshots to show what I mean, developers seem to just be moving the UI icons over so they're not obstructed by the camera cutout is there a way to request this or "fix" this?, I've sent a email to support@wolfquest.org but I just got the automated response back

Thanks for reading (link to images below)

How I hope it to be..

How it is currently..
https://i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/s10_f ... 971459.jpg

Since I can't post my own screenshots I've had to use the Fortnite image as a example of how it is, just 2 big borders each side, compared to Asphalt..

Again sorry if this isn't the right place for this, thank you

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